Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015: The Year of the Sting

This is going to be my year. I’m going to have to work hard to achieve my goals; even harder than I’m working now, but that’s okay. I’m prepared.

My goal is to eliminate all of my credit card debt and start chopping away at the mountain of student loans I’ve acquired over the years. I’d like to get ahead on my mortgage payments, too, in case disaster strikes again.

Last year was filled with ups and downs. I acquired a second part time job, that I actually enjoy working at, in addition to my full time job and my part time soccer referee gig. Both came in healthy when I was out of work for two months last year following my company losing the primary contract and while I fell on hard times, having the two part time jobs made and living the frugal life made it a little bit easier to get through those the two months.

This year, I will continue to work harder and save up money. Part of the plan involves obtaining a fourth job (possibly full time, overnight). People think I’m insane for it, but I like to work. I like money even more and since I’m not going to win the lottery any time soon, this is the best way to get what I want.

Once I get an even stronger hold on financial stability; I plan to treat myself a little bit. One positive that came out of the two month period without my primary source of income was the peace and tranquility I felt for the first few weeks. Yeah, I lost my main job, but I still had money coming in. I still had my savings and I really enjoyed waking up naturally. There’s no sense of happiness quite like not having to set your alarm for the following morning.

It showed me there was much more to life than punching the clock. Now I know that goes against everything I’ve said thus far in this post, but I’m working as hard and as much as I am, so I don’t have to work as hard in the future. Part of the “stopping to smell the roses” involves traveling a little more. I’ll be heading to Dallas later this month to see the Mavericks play at home for the first time, which I’m really excited for. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite team play in their home arena or stadium for the first time.

I’m also planning to go on several road trips with DC United supporters groups. I’m looking forward to the road trips to Orlando and New York to see United take on Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City Football Club, respectively, in addition to heading back to Canada for either the away match against Toronto FC or perhaps a match against the Montreal Impact. 

I was reminded yesterday that I have a motorcycle license, which I earned about two years ago, but haven’t had the time (or money) to actually purchase a motorcycle. I definitely want to do that before I get too old, but that may be a 2016 goal.

I want to get in better shape, too. I've been losing weight for the last few years, but now I want to put on weight.I cam into 2015 weighing 165.2 lbs, but my goal is to get to 172 lbs, by the end of the year, with the additional weight packed on being muscle. Its not going to be easy, but I will have to treat going to the gym like a job or a meeting; if its on my calendar, I need to honor that commitment. Its all about taking better care of myself for the long haul. I'm not getting any younger.

Then there's the social aspect of my life. I need to do something about that. I know its hard working three jobs, possibly four, if I have my way, but I need some stability in my life – the type on a woman can provide. Soon. I’ve had a knack for trying to rush things in the past, but if I’m fortunate enough to find myself in a position, I’m going to make a concerted effort to let it run its course naturally.

All in all, 2014 was about building a foundation for the future and 2015 will be about constructing the proverbial house that I’m going to reside in for the foreseeable future, a process I look forward to enjoying.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Champs Are Here

I couldn't be more prouder than witnessing my Oxon Hill Lady Roadrunners finally capture the illusive county championship they had been playing for this season. They've been the best team in the county for several years now; even posting two undefeated seasons back-to-back, but failed to win in the championship game for a myriad of reasons.

But all of the adversity endured during previous season was for this moment. It wasn't easier, but the 12 & Under Girls finished the 2014 Prince George's County Boys & Girls Club Fall soccer season with a record of 6-2 to become the champions.

They already meant a lot, just in terms of growth and development in each player's skills, but that championship makes the hour long drives to and from practices and games mean even more. I'm happy for my coach, too, who has worked tirelessly since I was their age. True commitment to the youth and the sport.

I look forward to the start of training camp this spring to start a successful title defense. We went through hell to win this title and its going to be hell taking it away from us.

Monday, April 1, 2013

I Can't Get That Time Back...

There's a "friend" of mine from high school that I reconnected with recently. She went through some hard times and I guess, I was around to be someone she could talk to.

So, for about a month and half, we talked on the phone, almost every day. And for those that know me, this is fascinating because I absolutely abhor talking on the telephone. Like, it drives me insane.

Now, to be clear, "talking" on the phone might be a stretch as I didn't do much talking. If we spent three hours on the phone, I talked maybe 10-15 minutes. I usually listened... and listened... and listened, with an occasionally "uh huh," "hmm," and "right" sprinkled in sporadically.

But, hey, that's neither here nor there. So, she tells me about her frustrating living situation, so I invite her to my house for the weekend to get away, actually sleep in an adult bed, relax and do what you want to do without being  bombarded my family members at every turn.

So, she comes to the crib and there's absolutely nothing. And like I tried. I honestly did. I tried to find the connection, but it was like "Where's Waldo?"

So, I invited her to sleep in my bed. I mean, I laundered my shit and cleaned the room up really nicely. She wanted to sleep on the couch, which kind of defeated the purpose of the invite. No put aside the fact I hate anyone sleeping on my couch, I was low-key offended.

Anyway, three days later, I take her home and go on about my life, because there's no way we're talking again, right? I mean, I thought there was a mutual understanding amongst both of us that there wasn't anything there. Of course, a week went by with no  interaction and I thought it was established that this was the case.

So two weeks later, I get a text. Nothing major; just trivial shit. The following morning I send a text asking where everything is, because while I'm excellent at reading in between the lines, even when it's something I don't want to accept, I'd rather be told up front what the deal is as opposed to wonder and put the pieces together through clues and shit. I'm too grown for Sherlock Holmes-esque games.

I get a response saying everything is cool and that she's been busy. Now, you weren't busy the last two months when you were talking my ear off, but now all of a sudden you're busy? Cool deal. Take care.

Now... I find out that she's been taking subliminal shots and jabs at me through social media. Posting tweet grams and shit starting the day after I dropped her off.

If being propositions to sleep into bed is wrong, the hell with you. As a friend of mine on Twitter said, "your pussy is not a diploma; motherfuckers don't have to earn that shit." Thinking you're better than me is mistake number one. Next mistake is thinking your time is just as valuable as mine. It's not.

To top it off, I asked what the deal was.  I asked if everything was cool. That was the door to tell me how offended you were that I offered my bed to you.

I'm hypocritical at times. I've been known to take shots at people in social media. Not by name, but those people have see. It and returned the favor in kind and vice-versa. I know those people though.

This young lady on the other hand , doesn't know me nearly as well as she thinks she does to be taking shots at me.

Maybe it's old age, but I'm blunt. If I want something, I'll say it. No beating around the bush. My time is short so I get right to the fucking point and say what I mean. I always implore the people I interact with to do the same.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nothing Funny About Stand-Ups

How does one make date plans with someone, pick the day, place and time a week in advance and then the morning of, pull out of the plans they made, citing financial hardship? Now, I know what you're saying. "Sting, that's just ridiculous. Maybe something came up or that day was bad. Things happen," right?

I can accept that, if this wasn't part of a pattern. Aside from the fact that every single time that we went out, Sting was the one who always paid...always, there is something  really shit-actular about being stood up and/or canceled on multiple times. And it's not like this is someone I just met. I've known this person since middle school.

What really upset me was how this person, who claims to be such a good friend of mine and have the utmost respect for me, would constantly show a lack of respect  towards me and my time.

It's funny. When we decided to go down this road, we pretty much made a promise to one another that if either of us had a change in feelings, we'd let the other know out of respect for the other and the "friendship." Apparently, someone forgot about this conversation.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Price is Right... Right?

My social life is like The Price is Right. I dwell on Contestants Row more often than not. I've gotten the chance to spin the big wheel a few times. I made it to the Showcase Showdown, on two extremely rare occasions, only to come up heartbroken due to carelessly overbidding.

Maybe one day I'll take home that grand prize. One day... :-)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Back to Training

So, I completed my first 8k charity race, 2012 Acumen Solutions Race for a Cause, in October on behalf of United for DC, the charitable arm of my DC United, my favorite soccer team. The completion time was 51:20, which wasn’t bad for someone who didn’t train as hard as they should have. I started to break down around the third mile. I officiated five soccer matches the day before, which in hindsight, didn’t do my legs any favors and didn’t eat prior to the race, but no excuses. I didn’t quit, which was something I’m most proud of.

I enjoyed the race and immediately started looking for future races. I’ve always liked running as it was the easiest exercise to do given that I grew up playing soccer.  I’m registered for the 2012 YCF Jingle Bell Jog 5k on December 1st and the 2012 Run with Santa 5k on December 9th. I’ve signed up with a new gym that opened up along my walking path three miles from my house, which is under the same umbrella as the first gym I signed up for in 2008. I love the fact that it’s truly 24 hours, unlike the previous gym I was a member of which was 24 hours Monday-Thursday. I still have trouble sleeping, so its awesome that there’s a gym within walking distance that I can go to at all times of the night to go work out.

My goal is definitely to get back to, at the very least, walking every day, which was something I did coming off of my juice fast. I was at my best, when I walked every day. Great stress reliever, but with my job schedule getting even more hectic, I’m finding it really hard to find the time. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Long Time, No Blog...

It’s been a while (since April) that I’ve written a blog. I’ve been really busy; and considering I’m constantly in the field and when I’m home, I’m typing multiple reports a week on case cases for my job, which doesn’t leave a lot of time or motivation to hammer out my thoughts.

So, let’s fill in the time. Since April, I’ve changed jobs. I’m working for the government now. It’s pretty cool; no day is ever the same and I get to meet different people everyday and hear some of the craziest stories. It gets hectic at times and I’m always racing against the deadline, but it keeps me alive. Because my job schedule is so hectic, I had to resign as head coach of my youth soccer team. I didn’t think it was fair to my children and the boys and girls club to not be able to fully devote the time needed to teach and develop the players.

However, I got certified as a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referee in August and opted to officiate in the league that I coached in for my first season. While my players from my youth team were dispersed into other age groups, I did get to see many of them play as I officiated some of their games. Officiating was a great release for me. I got to work out and still participate in the sport I love without devoting an incredible amount of time. I officiated over 25 games this season and best of all, I got paid to do so, something I wouldn’t have, had I stuck with coaching. This is something that has me on the fence about resuming my coaching responsibilities for the spring 2013 season.

This year, I’ve been trying to do new and challenging things in life. I went skydiving in June while I was in Pennsylvania during training. That was quite the experience, considering I’m scared of heights, but I felt free as a bird, no pun intended, freefalling for one minute before floating back to Earth.

I got my motorcycle license in September, which was an experience in itself. First time on a motorcycle, but I conquered it and if it wasn’t for my lack of funds, I’d have a motorcycle sitting in my shed right now. My goal was to own one prior to my 30th birthday, but I fell short of that. I hope to have one by summer 2013.

I did complete a first time archery class, which was pretty fun. I thought I would do a lot better than I thought I would, but it’s definitely harder than it looks. I plan to pursue it a little more as it was exciting. I definitely have to work out more to get stronger and feel more confident holding the bow and drawing back the arrow. It’s an expensive hobby, but depending on how much it is, will determine the length and duration I take the classes.

I plan to go skydiving again as I purchased a living social deal back in March that is still unused. I also want to go rock climbing before the year is out. I’d like to get a solid 30 days of gym time to improve my overall conditioning prior to doing so.

So, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.